Goodbye/Hello Royal Alberta Museum Part I


Recently I attended the Goodbye/Hello event at the Royal Alberta Museum. I found a sweet parking spot that was so close I forgot where I parked, walked around the neighborhood wishing I could yell “Marco!” and have my rv beep back “Polo!” but no such luck! However, such sweet sights I would have missed if I had found my vehicle in the first place.

As I returned to warm up I passed my rv and made a mental note. The beauty of the museum staying open was that I could spend more time indoors.  While warming up, I saw a book on Syrian culture and began to think of the children of the refugees and their perspective.  It was at that point I felt so inspired, a poem began to form itself. With no paper, and only a pen, I reached for one of the free posters and wrote the poem which I realized later it would be a children’s book.  It’s called ‘The Journey’ and it turns out, there are 2 versions, the second called ‘Our Journey’ to be published soon.

The next day, I brought my camera and bravely approached even braver people and asked them if they wanted to be in my art project called “Embracing Art” where people interact with public art space. Why? Because often, the public art is ignored and no longer seen.  This is a way to have fun and interact with the works of some hard working artists. The feedback from people who participated was positive and from the one artist that someone shared my photos with was that she was ‘blown away’ with my work (and she confirmed, it was a good thing).

By interacting with the public art space, seeing it differently, I hope people will begin to be more aware of their surroundings and notice local art surrounding them and having fun with it.  Likewise, noticing other things around them, including landscaping, architecture and the people around it.


Maria Miccoli

She Saves Him Abstract

Look Up



Stamped Red Eyes